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Whether you happen to have a lot of room to work with or you need to make the most of your available square feet, you’ll find the best solutions for all your renovation needs right here. Looking for a change of style? Our designers can help you choose from a wide range of textures, fixtures and colors that will give your bathroom its own unique personality. While helping you balance your expectations along with your budget, we’ll help you make the choices that are right for you – both practically and esthetically.


Quality: our first priority

The reputation and professional approach of our company is based on three basic elements: assessment, selection, and quality. Add impeccable service and competitive prices to the equation and you’ll see your bathroom transform into the one you’ve always wanted. Come talk to us about your project.


Every bathroom is unique

Classic, modern, contemporary or rustic, your bathroom has to suit your tastes while being practical. Get inspired before putting your project in motion.


As many choices as there are projects

Whether you’re looking for furniture, sanitation devices or accessories, a multitude of components are available to you depending on the style or particular fashion you have in mind. Our designers are people you can rely on to help find what you’re looking for.

Smart Plans

The possibilities are infinite

Renovating your bathroom raises a lot of questions and concerns. Unsure about what shape your sink should be? Not satisfied with the lighting arrangement? Need to change of ceramic tile for budgetary reasons? Our team of made-to-measure specialists know exactly what to do. Come talk to us, we can help.

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Cuisines Verdun works hand in hand with the best manufacturers and distributors in North America. At Cuisines Verdun, you will find reputable brands that are a testimony to the quality of our products.


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