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Bathroom trends

Geometric patterns

These days, people are daring to use colors, shapes and embossed designs in their bathroom. Ceramic and porcelain are currently in the spotlight, whether for creating tone-on-tone effects or for incorporating diamond shapes, arabesques and other eclectic motifs in the bathroom walls and floors. Classic colors like grey and white are still available, but more adventurous choices like pastels and bright colors are enjoying growing popularity.

The latest thing: Terrazzo

Terrazzo is composed of natural stones, marble and cement, and is a particular favorite for shower floors. This material, which comes from Italy, offers a full range of possibilities.

Bathroom trends 2019

The presence of wood

The warm, natural aspect of wood has found a privileged place in bathrooms. Homeowners are opting for such features as decorative wood walls, wood furnishings or even imitation woodgrain wall tiles to evoke a Scandinavian style. Contrary to what you may think, wood naturally absorbs moisture and won’t deteriorate, even in the humid environment of a bathroom. So there has never been a better time to use this fine material in accordance with your tastes and preferences.

Bathroom size

In the past, a bathroom was strictly used for practical purposes. But now, it has become a little haven of peace, like a spa, where you can relax and spruce yourself up. As a result, some people are expanding their bathrooms as much as possible, even if it means taking away some space from the adjacent rooms. Short of knocking down walls, others simply choose to use pale colors and add mirrors to create an illusion of space.

In North America, the toilet is usually situated in the bathroom, while in Europe, it’s often isolated in its own separate room. However, now that the bathroom is occupying more space in the home, it’s becoming increasingly common to house the toilet in a cubicle specifically designed for it.

Streamlined style

Furnishings are often suspended, freeing up floor space to create an effect of spaciousness. Handles are now invisible and everything has become more minimalist and functional.

Open storage

To help prevent the excessive accumulation of products, open storage encourages the home’s occupants to keep them to a minimum. It also ensures that all the essentials are within easy reach. Some homeowners play with volume and emptiness to create open spaces, while others include wood shelves, alcoves with ceramic designs or sinks with exposed plumbing to accentuate the effect of openness.

Italian showers

There’s an increasing trend toward Italian showers. These open showers, which are separated from the rest of the bathroom by nothing but a glass panel, have become larger and larger. And are also offering more and more features, like steam systems and fogless mirrors. These showers are also often equipped with built-in benches and linear drains.

Bathroom trends 2019


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