Classic and contemporary bathrooms | Cuisines Verdun

Counters & Storage

Every brand of countertop material we offer comes in a wide variety of colors and designs to blend perfectly with any style of bathroom, from classic to contemporary.

We sell only products that meet the very highest industry standards of quality, such as Caeserstone, Cambria and Cosentino.

The vanity cabinet boxes are made from ¾-inch materials, lending them added resistance. They come with pre-installed soft-closing hinges and LEGRABOX drawers by Miralis.

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Floors & Walls

The world of tile now offers a plethora of shapes, colors and textures. Natural stone, a durable, versatile material that comes in small and large formats for walls and floors, is making a big comeback.

Our suppliers and associates, including Centura and Ceratec, guarantee products that meet the very highest standards of quality.

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Baths & Showers

Magnificent free-standing tubs and large Italian showers that are perfectly integrated into the relaxation space thanks to simple glass walls have now become part of the décor.

Heated floors, linear drains, showers with built-in benches, wall shelves and open cabinets are just some of the details that need to be taken into consideration when putting together a spa-worthy bathroom.

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Turnkey Service

With our turnkey service, you don’t have to worry about the deadlines for completing each phase, the quality of the subcontractors and the coordination between them, or any of the countless unexpected things that could come up during the renovation process, like having to move a ventilation duct or level a floor.

The advantages of Cuisines Verdun’s all-inclusive service are clear: you save time, you avoid stress, your budget is respected, the work is done right the first time, you have control over the end result, the deadlines are met, and you receive attentive service from the specialist assigned to your project. In short, your bathroom renovation is transformed into an experience that’s awesome, exciting and rewarding!

We’ll take care of everything!

Leaders in kitchen and bathroom design.

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Blog - Recent article

9 June 2020

The extraordinary return of renovations: Cuisines Verdun is here for you

We’re back! After a temporary halt in activities because of the confinement situation, our renovation worksites and undertakings are resuming operations, as we adjust our way of working in order to protect everyone involved and avoid any risks of propagating COVID-19. With an ever-growing demand for our services since our reopening, at Cuisines Verdun, we’re […]


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