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Kitchen Trends 2024: The Alliance of Tradition and Modernity

In this year 2024, kitchen renovation remains a flagship project for many households, symbolizing renewal and adaptation to new lifestyle trends. At Cuisines Verdun, we understand that your kitchen is much more than a place for meal preparation: it’s a space for gathering and sharing. This article aims to guide you through the most current […]

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Cuisines Verdun: for custom creations and assistance

For more than 30 years, Cuisines Verdun has been delivering high-quality kitchens, manufactured right here in Quebec, in keeping with the highest quality standards in the industry. The company is known for its inspired designs and creativity. They’ve built a stellar reputation on their forward-looking vision and unrivaled expertise. Their experience and their capacity for […]

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Cuisines Verdun identifies the trends in kitchens for 2023

As a new year begins, resolutions have given rise to home renovation projects in a number of households. These plans often include remodeling an existing kitchen or building out a new one from scratch. Since this is generally a major undertaking, it’s well worth the trouble to make sure you’re adequately prepared. When you are, […]

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Quartz and Granite: What Are the Differences?

Le quartz et le granite sont deux matériaux de grande qualité qui confèrent définitivement un effet de luxe à n’importe quelle cuisine. Cependant, ils possèdent des caractéristiques propres à chacun.

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Armoire similaque

Kitchen cabinets in Similacquer: a revolutionary material from Miralis

Entre la mélamine, le thermoplastique, le bois massif ou encore le polyester, difficile de faire un choix éclairé. Cuisines Verdun propose un matériau qui mettra fin à vos hésitations: le similaque, offert par Miralis.

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The essential role of the kitchen designer

Pour être designer-cuisiniste, il faut tout d’abord avoir suivi une formation afin d’apprendre les bases mêmes du design. Il ne suffit pas de savoir quelles couleurs s’agencent ou non ensembles!

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A world of possibilities in kitchen styles

Chaque cuisine est unique, chaque famille également. C’est pourquoi votre cuisine se doit de posséder un style propre à vos préférences pour vous satisfaire jour après jour. Voici un aperçu des styles les plus en vogue ces derniers temps.

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rangement cuisine

Kitchen storage: more practical options than ever

According to several studies, the amount of time Montreal residents spent in their kitchens increased significantly during lockdown. This room has become the center of our activities, which is why optimizing it has taken on increased importance. During the past year, the most popular requests have included additional storage space, improved flow and increased versatility […]

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How to choose and furnish a kitchen island

Are you thinking about renovating your current kitchen or building a new one? Consider installing a kitchen island, as these have become an essential part of today’s kitchens. Besides providing you with a supplemental workspace, they also offer you a convenient way to spend time with your guests while you’re preparing a meal. However, given […]

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The natural beauty of a granite countertop

Lorsque vient le moment de choisir un nouveau comptoir de cuisine, plusieurs ont un penchant pour le granit. Mis à part sa grande beauté naturelle, quelles sont ses caractéristiques?

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Conception réalisation

From design to installation

Cuisines Verdun creates custom plans for the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams A major renovation project like a new kitchen can prove to be a real trial. Between designing the plans, choosing the materials, demolition work and project management, homeowners must face numerous challenges, decisions and potential delays, especially when working with multiple subcontractors. […]

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Cuisines Verdun’s kitchen trends for 2021

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and since the onset of health crisis, the time spent in this room has increased considerably. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s vital for us to have a living space that’s adapted to this new reality. The kitchen trends for 2021 are simple: a convivial space, […]

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