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Cuisines Verdun’s kitchen trends for 2021

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and since the onset of health crisis, the time spent in this room has increased considerably. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s vital for us to have a living space that’s adapted to this new reality. The kitchen trends for 2021 are simple: a convivial space, […]

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Modern Kitchen

Streamlined and minimalistic, the modern kitchen is still popular today, thanks to its functional characteristics and simple esthetic.

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Contemporary kitchen

Market trends indicate that contemporary-style kitchens are very much in vogue, as they offer users more than one way to personalize the space to suit their tastes and needs.

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The fully equipped kitchen

For you, no gourmet meal is complete unless it’s served in a setting worthy of your culinary talents. If your kitchen isn’t up to the same level as the scrumptious dishes you concoct with love, it is high time you do business with a kitchen designer and undertake some renovations so you can rediscover the […]

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The extraordinary return of renovations: Cuisines Verdun is here for you

We’re back! After a temporary halt in activities because of the confinement situation, our renovation worksites and undertakings are resuming operations, as we adjust our way of working in order to protect everyone involved and avoid any risks of propagating COVID-19. With an ever-growing demand for our services since our reopening, at Cuisines Verdun, we’re […]

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Cuisine 10 conseils

Kitchen renovation : 10 tips to get the most for your money

A kitchen renovation is a major undertaking. In this day and age when we spend most of our time in this part of the home, how can we make it both functional and visually appealing without spending a fortune? With Cuisines Verdun, a kitchen renovation project that gives you not only the kitchen of your […]

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Renovating a small kitchen

When it comes to renovating a small kitchen, every detail counts. To make the most of the limited space, it’s important to plan out the renovations carefully, providing for as much storage space as possible, maximizing every work surface and choosing the right colors and materials. Planning renovations for a small kitchen Any renovation project […]

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comptoir naturel

Kitchen counters: natural stone

When the time comes to remodel your kitchen, it’s important to choose a kitchen counter that corresponds to your budget, your sense of style and the way you intend to use your kitchen. Cuisines Verdun offers several different kitchen counter materials, including natural stone counters. When you choose natural stone for your kitchen counter, you […]

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cuisine abordable

The secret to affordable kitchen renovations

It’s entirely possible to renovate your kitchen without spending a fortune. Before beginning your renovation project, you’ll need to clearly define your needs and expectations, in addition to establishing a realistic budget, which, according to the experts, should be between 6 and 10 percent of the value of your home. By working with a kitchen […]

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cuisine quartz

Kitchen counters: synthetic stone

One of the essential elements of a kitchen is, without a doubt, the counter. It’s extremely important to choose the right kind when remodeling your kitchen. Not only does it need to blend in with the rest of the kitchen, but the material needs to be suitable for the way the kitchen will be used […]

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armoires laque

Classic cabinets: the possible materials

Rustic or country-style kitchens are generally furnished with what are referred to as classic cabinets, in which each door is composed of five pieces to form a sort of frame, thus creating a relief effect. Depending on the budget and tastes of the owners, these classic cabinets can be made from a variety of materials, […]

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armoires contemporaines

Contemporary cabinets: the possible materials

An upscale contemporary kitchen should include premium-quality cabinets in a modern, streamlined style (with flat doors). At Cuisines Verdun, our contemporary cabinets are constructed on cabinet boxes with ¾-inch frames. You won’t necessarily find this thickness in the cabinets of every manufacturer of kitchen furnishings. Besides providing added strength and resistance, these cabinet boxes are […]

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