Discover the benefits of quartz countertops

Discover the benefits of quartz countertops

Quartz countertops have excellent value for money and easy maintenance. Why deprive yourself?

Quartz countertops


A quartz kitchen counter is usually made up of 93 percent minerals and 7 percent resin, which holds the minerals in place. Some quartz contains more resin and less raw material, making the price more affordable, but at the expense of quality. The truth is that a quartz countertop that contains a lot of resin has a very low resistance to heat and is also more prone to scratching. Cuisines Verdun recommends the ratio of 93 percent minerals to 7 percent resin, used in the top three brands of quartz countertops: Caesarstone, which comes from Israel or Canada, Silestone, originating from Spain, and Cambria, from the United States. Each of these companies offers a wide variety of colors and designs to blend perfectly with any style of kitchen, from classic to contemporary.



The popularity of quartz


Why is it that quartz been the most popular material in new kitchens for a number of years now? It provides excellent value for your money. Its overall resistance to scratches and the elements, its easy maintenance (no sealing or polishing required) and its timeless appeal make it well worth the price. Its growing popularity has also prompted quartz companies to offer an increasingly diverse range of styles in kitchen countertops to satisfy the needs of numerous households. Whether to complement a classic, rustic, contemporary or minimalist style, quartz counters are available in solid, muted or eclectic colors, with designs mimicking natural stone, with or without metallic flecks, dark or pale, etc.

Quartz counters are versatile and easy to install. Since the material is cut to order, it can be adapted to any kitchen. And the low porosity of the surface prevents bacteria from accumulating. Treat yourself to a high-quality quartz countertop from Cuisines Verdun. You’ll find numerous samples in our locations, demonstrating the vast range of possibilities that are open to you.

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