Classic cabinets: the possible materials

Rustic or country-style kitchens are generally furnished with what are referred to as classic cabinets, in which each door is composed of five pieces to form a sort of frame, thus creating a relief effect. Depending on the budget and tastes of the owners, these classic cabinets can be made from a variety of materials, mounted on high-quality frames for a top-notch result that’s also extremely durable. The cabinet frames, made from ¾-inch materials, can be finished (in white, maple or linen) to create an even richer appearance. By default, they come with soft-closing hinges, but a number of other types of hinges are available that open and close in different ways, depending on your needs.

Classic solid wood cabinets

Solid wood is a fine material that offers incomparable charm. The woodgrain will lend panache to any room. With rigorous selection of each wood element and precise humidity control of the raw materials, solid wood classic cabinets can weather the decades without warping or fading. If necessary, solid wood can also be touched up and repaired. Various forms (for example, shaker or raised panel), types of wood and finishes are available to go along with the style of kitchen you desire.

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Rough chic solid wood

Rough chic is a high-quality Scandinavian-inspired style characterized by textured wood that mimics the way trees wear down in nature. Also available in a synthetic version, these classic cabinets lend a unique style to each kitchen, in addition to offering enhanced durability.

Classic lacquer cabinets

Classic cabinets in lacquer are made from an MDF panel covered with a layer of paint and then a layer of lacquer (glossy or matte). The paint allows for ultimate personalization, given the infinite choice of colors available on the market. The Miralis Italian lacquer offered at Cuisines Verdun is a great-quality product that, applied in multiple thick layers, results in a surface that’s uniform, easy to maintain and moisture-resistant. The cabinets can also be repaired if they become scratched.

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Classic Similaque cabinets

Similaque is an acrylic-derived product that provides an appearance comparable to that of lacquer. Available in an ultra-matte or ultra-glossy finish, these classic cabinets are resistant to impacts, UV rays, stains and scratches. The ultra-glossy Similaque products stand out for their quality and unequaled luster. Thanks to an almost mirror-like effect, they add incomparable luminosity to the room’s décor. As for the ultra-matte finish, it shows not even a trace of fingerprints.

Classic polyester cabinets

Classic cabinets in polyester are made up of a particle board or MDF panel, which is covered with decorative paper and then resin to provide a glossy finish. Perfect for a classic style, polyester kitchen cabinets are unique in that they can mimic various types of wood to create a look that’s warm and inviting.

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Start your classic kitchen project off right with Cuisines Verdun

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