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Contemporary kitchen

A contemporary kitchen, as the name implies, features a current, up-to-date style. It represents a fusion of classic, industrial and modern elements, resulting in a look that’s highly personal and relevant. Simplicity and functionality are the order of the day, with optimized storage and clean, understated lines, while the décor can include a wide range of materials, especially wood and metal. Market trends show that contemporary-style kitchens are very popular, as they offer users more than one way to personalize the space to suit their tastes and needs.
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The infinite possibilities of the contemporary kitchen

In a contemporary kitchen, form and function become one. The use of different materials, such as wood, metal and stone, creates a pleasing harmony of textures. This can give rise to a number of surprising combinations. The mood of a contemporary kitchen? Warm and inviting. In fact, the warmth of wood combined with the bright, neutral colors of the walls lends a beautiful touch of luminosity to the room, creating a blissful impression of spaciousness. Several elements, like the counters, the lighting or the backsplash, can serve as accent pieces. When it comes to adding unique charm to your contemporary kitchen, just about anything goes.

A contemporary kitchen leaves nothing to be desired. From easy-to-clean handleless cabinets with flat panels to built-in appliances, ceiling-high storage and exposed beams, this style combines timeless charm with a number of highly practical features.

Features of the contemporary kitchen of 2021

  • Open plan with direct access to the dining room and the rest of the home
  • Tendency toward dark colors, including black
  • Furnishings combining two colors, like natural Scandinavian-style kitchens with blonde wood paired with imitation woodgrain or stone cabinet and drawer panels
  • Use of melamine that perfectly imitates woodgrain at an affordable price, reaffirming its leadership in kitchen furnishings
  • Wood veneer for those who demand a natural, warm aspect
  • Open shelving to display fine tableware, decorative plants and green or blue accessories
  • Layouts that utilize the full height of the wall, combining esthetics and optimized use of space
  • Ergonomic storage, drawers within drawers and furnishings equipped with moving trays, allowing easy access to their contents

Would you like some guidance on the layout of your new kitchen? The kitchen designers at Cuisines Verdun are here to ensure the success of your renovation project. With our turnkey service, you’ll receive advice, tips on optimization and professional installation, so you end up with the contemporary kitchen of your dreams.

The contemporary kitchen:

  • Warm and inviting modern style
  • Simplicity, functionality and optimized storage
  • Clean, understated lines
  • Harmony of textures

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