Cuisines Verdun: for custom creations and assistance

For more than 30 years, Cuisines Verdun has been delivering high-quality kitchens, manufactured right here in Quebec, in keeping with the highest quality standards in the industry. The company is known for its inspired designs and creativity. They’ve built a stellar reputation on their forward-looking vision and unrivaled expertise. Their experience and their capacity for innovation have enabled them to stand out from the pack.

Supported by exceptionally talented suppliers and a team of seasoned kitchen designers, Cuisines Verdun offers contemporary and classic kitchen renovation services based on designs they create in their eight outlets located throughout the Greater Montreal area.

Meeting with a kitchen designer

The first person to take part in your residential renovation project is the kitchen designer. He or she will assess your wants and needs before proceeding to tell you about the wide range of possibilities available to you.

“The role of the kitchen designer is essential,” explains Anna W, manager of sales and business development in Montreal. “Beyond the esthetic concerns, he or she must also understand the occupants’ lifestyle. Is the project for a person living alone or for a family? The designer must also consider the stature of the residents in order to ensure the practicality of the layout. A successful project depends on listening skills and creativity.”

The kitchen designer will present you with plans that not only respect your tastes and budget but also take ergonomics and space optimization into consideration. Your kitchen expert knows that a kitchen renovation is a wise home investment that will undoubtedly increase the value of your property.

Personalized support

Creating a new kitchen is a complex undertaking. That’s why Cuisines Verdun offers two types of assistance according to your needs. The company proposes personalized service depending on whether you prefer full or partial support and guidance.

Cuisine classique Terrebonne

During the development of a new kitchen, three different services come into play:

  • First, there’s the creative department, which manages the design and the choice of materials
  • Next, there’s the technical department, which draws up the plans and confirms every little detail
  • Last, there’s the worksite management department, which oversees each stage of construction

If you’re looking for full service, Cuisines Verdun will manage your renovation project from A to Z, creating the design, coordinating the plumbing and electrical work and adding the finishing touches, in order to ensure that the results live up to your expectations. This is what we refer to as “turnkey service.” You’ll receive guidance from experts, who will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly.

For those wishing to be more involved in their project, our personalized à-la-carte support and guidance option is the way to go. Do you already work with a contractor or do you enjoy do-it-yourself projects? In that case, we’ll manage part of your project, and you can manage the rest!

Cuisines Verdun will take care of the design and involve their creative team to whatever extent you require. After that, they will tailor their technical services according to the scope and complexity of the project, as well as your ability to manage the different phases.

“The custom approach allows us to offer personalized service,” adds Anna. “Our clients really appreciate the way our teams adapt their services to suit each individual project. There’s a growing demand for partial assistance, so our experts adjust their work methods to respond to these needs.”

Partial assistance, in which the client installs the kitchen cabinets and performs the finishing work, for example, is an à-la-carte service that allows you to be closely involved in your project. Cuisines Verdun: tailor-made support, perfect for your renovation projects! Get an appointment now here.