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The models shown are just a small sampling of the large selection offered at the store.
The varieties and models shown are solely for reference.
Despite our efforts to accurately portray the characteristics of the products, the colors may vary depending on the lighting and the calibration of your device.
Certain models may be discontinued without notice.


Our collections of natural stone, originating from India, Brazil, Africa and even Quebec, offer an ample selection of high-quality surfaces made from some of the most beautiful stone created by nature.

Strict selection criteria ensure an exceptional-quality surface that’s unique, elegant and exotic.

You’ll find a vast range of 200 colors in natural stone, including marble, granite, limestone and travertine. Every shade can be selected in a variety of finishes and textures. Because natural stone is a product of nature, it offers a design that’s totally unique and inimitable. Its extraordinary resistance and durability make it a preferred choice of professionals.



  • Marble is unquestionably the finest stone there is
  • Not all marble is expensive
  • Thanks to its cold surface, marble is ideal for chefs who like to make fresh pasta and pastries right on the countertop
  • Marble is as easy to clean as other types of surfaces, as long as an effective sealant is used to prevent deep stains
  • Marble must be cleaned with soapy water

While it’s true that marble stains more easily than granite or quartz, there’s no reason to exclude the possibility of marble countertops, as long as you clean up spills promptly, especially in the case of citrus, apple juice and other acidic products.



While it’s relatively uncommon in the world of kitchen counters, porcelain offers a multitude of advantages. Very dense, it’s resistant to heat and stains. It’s also available in a number of beautiful finishes. This material can even be used for a backsplash.



Wood kitchen counters, which are generally restricted to butcher block in maple, walnut or oak, can add warmth and practicality to just about any kitchen. However, it’s important to maintain them every day. Wood countertops are available in a number of different stains, grains and thicknesses.



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