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Dekton Kitchen Counters

Dekton is a new, ultra-compact kitchen counter material, made up of a mixture of quartz, glass and porcelain that is compressed at high temperatures to form an extremely durable, non-porous surface. The advantages? It would be easier to list the disadvantages, which are limited to its justifiably high price tag.

The numerous advantages of a Dekton countertop

Dekton kitchen counters are resistant to just about anything, including heat, frost and temperature fluctuations in general, as well as abrasion, scratching and staining. This make them suitable for use in bathrooms, as well as outdoor kitchens, especially considering that a Dekton countertop can stand up equally to the cold of a winter night or the ultra-violet rays of the summer sun. It’s also easy to maintain, with no need for sealants or complicated procedures. Simple household cleaning products are all it takes to keep it looking sharp. Available in a variety of colors and styles, Dekton is so strong that it’s even available in thicknesses as low as ¾ inch.

A revolution in the kitchen industry, Dekton won’t be damaged by bleach, abrasive cleaning products or oven degreasers. Your Dekton kitchen counter will stand up to all of life’s little mishaps, no matter what they may be. What’s more, with near-zero porosity, this countertop limits the growth of bacteria so you and your family can benefit from a work surface that’s easy to clean and safe.

You can choose your favorite style Dekton kitchen counter at your nearest Cuisines Verdun location, where you’ll find numerous samples in a variety of solid colors or marbled effects and finishes ranging from textured or smooth matte to high gloss.


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