The Backsplash: Your Kitchen’s Fashion Statement

Are you giving yourself a headache trying to figure out what style you should choose for your next kitchen backsplash? While it’s often overlooked during kitchen renovations, the backsplash is, nevertheless, a key element of your décor. When it’s well-matched with your cabinets, your counter and your accessories, it will help set the tone and mood of the centerpiece of your home.


Glass backsplash

A very fashionable modern material, glass gives an effect of spaciousness, thanks to the transparent facets that easily disperse the light under the cabinets. The vast selection of glass makes it possible for you to choose the one that works best with the style of your kitchen, your cabinets and the location of your windows for optimal lighting. The glass can be clear or stained, and a design can be placed behind each tile for an original, textured effect.



Vintage tile backsplash

Subway tile, which is very popular at the moment, is as versatile as you could ever hope for. Paired with wood cabinets for a rustic style, with gold faucets for a vintage look or with a huge sink for a country style, ceramic subway tile is not only affordable, but can also complement a wide range of different kitchen décors when combined with different colors and grouts.


Angular backsplash with irregular patterns


A fun, contemporary look awaits you when you opt for a backsplash with eccentric shapes and irregular patterns. Hexagonal, octagonal or round, these tiles feature abstract imprints for a style that’s both classic and modern. They’re usually combined with sleek cabinetry.


Imitation wood backsplash


The presence of wood in a kitchen brings warmth and a sense of well-being. Also used in the cabinets or the counter, wood has held a privileged place in fashionable décor during recent years. So an imitation wood backsplash, with its plain, natural color, is an obvious choice for a Zen or contemporary kitchen.