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Options in Durable Low-Maintenance Cabinetry

While a number of materials hold up fairly well under the demands of day-to-day use, there are three similarly priced ones that are especially durable: wood, Similaque and lacquer. However, no matter which type of cabinets you choose, there’s one Golden Rule that applies to all of them: never clean them using abrasive products. Generally, a mixture of water and dish soap will get rid of just about any stain.


Wood cabinets

Wood cabinets aren’t only durable; they also add incomparable character to any kitchen. You can choose the type of wood, as well as the stain, whether opaque or transparent, to achieve a style that’s warm, personal and pleasing to the eye. If and when wood cabinets do show signs of wear, they can be sanded down, if necessary, making them a popular choice for families wishing to conserve their cabinets for many years to come.


Similaque cabinets

Similaque is a durable coating that’s applied to a high-quality MDF panel. With its smooth surface, selection of predefined colors and choice of matte or glossy finish, it will lend a contemporary look to your kitchen. Although Similaque is nearly impossible to scratch, if it does become damaged, its innovative nanotechnology allows it to be easily repaired using an ordinary iron. It’s an ideal option when you want an antibacterial matte finish that can resist scratches, sunlight, abrasion and moisture.


Lacquer cabinets

Lacquer is definitely one of the most durable cabinet materials on the market. Like Similaque, lacquer is applied to a panel. But in this case, three coats of paint are sprayed and catalyzed, resulting in a finish that can withstand virtually any assault of daily use. It will never flake or peel! For even more protection, a layer of polyurethane can be applied, adding luster and heavy-duty resistance to your cabinet doors, whether solid or otherwise.

Unlike Similaque, lacquer comes in an unlimited selection of colors, so you can choose the exact shade you want for your new kitchen. Opaque lacquer can also be applied to either solid maple or high-quality MDF panels.


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