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3D Plans for Your Future Kitchen

3D plans make it possible to visualize an entire kitchen renovation project before the work even begins. The 3D plans for a new kitchen are created after taking the client’s needs and budget into consideration and serve as a supplement to the 2D plans.

The advantages of 3D kitchen plans

3D plans for new kitchens have become increasingly realistic. Designed by expert technicians using high-performance software, these plans allow simulating various scenarios if the client is unsure about certain features, especially with regard to the choice of materials or colors. They offer a more concrete way to visualize the project, in addition to helping the client make the final decisions more quickly. 3D plans show the general ambiance of the future kitchen, the lighting, the placement of the materials and the impact of colors on the layout of the room. While some people have no need of 3D plans in order to imagine their future kitchen, others can’t approve the project without being able to visualize it in a realistic manner. So it’s a reassuring option for those clients who are indecisive or anxious.

The 3D kitchen plan process

First, we should mention that the 2D plans designed by Cuisines Verdun are extremely detailed, enabling most of our clients to picture their future kitchen with ease. Given the complex process of creating 3D plans, Cuisines Verdun offers this option to clients on an as-needed basis to provide them with the full range of possibilities for visualization. These concrete images of their kitchen become a useful reference tool throughout the course of the renovation work.

Contact one of our kitchen specialists for further details on our 3D plans.


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