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The Backsplash: A Key Component of Your Kitchen

The backsplash is a very important decorative element in any kitchen; it’s the final touch that completes and ties the look together. A backsplash makes it easy to clean up splattered food and water around the range, sink and prep areas, and since it’s much more durable than paint, it can be cleaned as often as necessary to keep your kitchen spick and span. The layout of the kitchen and current trends can have a significant influence on the choice of backsplashes. That’s why it’s always a wise idea to seek the advice of a kitchen specialist.


Kitchen backsplash

Trends in backsplash materials

Subway tile reinvented


Originating from the subways of New York, this familiar material remains a very popular choice for backsplashes in today’s kitchens. However, the original 3 x 6 format is beginning to see some changes; in fact, you’ll now see 3 x 9 and 2 x 8 subway tiles. The positioning of the tiles is also exploring new directions: instead of a half-and-half arrangement, you’ll often see ⅔–⅓ offset or even a chevron pattern, lending a sense of movement to the kitchen. There’s also a tendency to play with the colors, textures and finishes. Glossy and matte tiles sit side by side, the grout may be in a contrasting color, and you’ll even find tiles with embossed designs and textures.


Counter backsplashes


One of the most popular current trends is to continue the countertop all the way up the wall. The use of a single material for both surfaces results in a clean, streamlined look, lending an elegant, luxurious aspect to the kitchen. Whether the counter is in quartz, Dekton or granite, a backsplash version can be created. The effect behind a decorative hood, for example, can be quite satisfying!


Kitchen backsplash

Permission to be daring


Think outside the box with diamond, hexagonal or arabesque backsplash tiles. Or opt for extra-large tiles in soft colors like matte blue-grey, antique rose or dusky rose to add that understated aspect that’s so popular in today’s kitchens. With a tone-on-tone backsplash, you’ll also unify the style of the kitchen by avoiding the addition of any overly conspicuous elements.


To learn more about backsplash styles and to find the one you’ll cherish for many years to come, visit one of our Cuisines Verdun locations, where a kitchen specialist will be happy to advise you on the design and choice of materials for your next kitchen.


Kitchen backsplash


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