Cuisines Verdun : at the origin of Jérôme Ferrer’s kitchen

Jérôme Ferrer, the master chef at Relais et Châteaux, who has been recommended by Les Grandes Tables du Monde since 2013, is also the executive chef at the prestigious Montreal restaurant Europa, notable for its innovative concept, design and architecture. You’ll see the Ferrer signature just about everywhere, especially with La Boîte du Chef, his new magazine and his three-course boxed meals, available in the refrigerated display cases at Couche-Tard.

Cuisine Jerome Ferrer

Creation of the remarkable new Jérôme Ferrer kitchen

After a visit to the Milan Furniture Fair, which presented the latest in kitchen design, including materials, surfaces, layouts and ambiance, Cuisines Verdun tried to picture Ferrer’s personal kitchen in light of the most innovative trends. For Cuisines Verdun, it represented an incredible opportunity to reinforce its position as a leader in the field of creative kitchen design.

Ferrer’s needs were fairly simple: a pleasant, contemporary setting, a larger, more functional workspace where he could possibly present his recipes in front of the cameras, a full-size gas range and a built-in hot-plate. The trends seen in Milan served as inspiration for Cuisines Verdun to create an exceptional space based on these needs.

The whole kitchen revolves around the huge multipurpose center island. We combined a mixture of fine and natural materials, including wood, stone finishes, metal and smoked glass, with understated natural colors, ranging from pale to dark hues. We superimposed surfaces of varying thicknesses and materials and played with volume and empty space to achieve a functional, flexible, streamlined kitchen. A breakfast bar was incorporated into a secondary island and a wall waiter was added. A spectacular oven hood, as well as a reinterpretation of a fifties-style bookcase, added some utterly sublime punch to the new kitchen.

The final plans were designed around the six zones of the kitchen (preparation, cooking, cleaning, storage, provisions and entertaining), in order to achieve optimal ergonomics and functionality. Among other things, this translated into a full-height storage wall, a stationary credenza placed next to the center island and, of course, easy access to everything in the kitchen.

The Ferrer Selection

To give everyone the opportunity to be inspired by Jérôme Ferrer’s new kitchen and the latest trends from the Milan Furniture Fair, each Cuisines Verdun location has gathered together various choices in counter and cabinet materials, floor finishes and complementary elements in a Ferrer Selection display. This new kitchen is a perfect blend of meticulously selected fine materials, prominently featuring the imprint of nature.

1. Stone, porcelain, veined quartz and terrazzo in the work surfaces, floors and backsplashes

2. Natural wood for the cutting surfaces and cabinets

3. European laminate, urban rough chic, wood and neutral-colored finishes for the cabinets

4. Metal in its many finishes, which is incorporated in the structures, above and in the middle of the island, as well as in the furniture legs and cabinet door surrounds

5. Textured, clear, tinted or frosted glass for the oven hood and curio cabinets

These materials reflect those that were used in the design of Jérôme Ferrer’s kitchen. The Ferrer Selection also includes a variety of related choices, leaving room for buyers to use their imagination. With the help of one of our kitchen designers, these choices could serve as the basis for creating A CHEF’S KITCHEN ON ANY BUDGET!