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An exceptional choice

Renovating your kitchen, what a great project!

Materials, colours, textures, appliances, finishing and decorative touches are what give its character to this room which is the centrepiece of your home. Since technologies and styles evolve rapidly, our experts are here to help you make the best decisions, according to your tastes, your requirements, and your budget. You can quickly see the breadth of our products in our showroom; ask for a consultation and discover the latest innovations!


No compromises on quality

Well-known and well-established, Cuisines Verdun's reputation is built upon three elements: expertise, choice, quality, to which we add exceptional service and unbeatable prices. Live the Cuisines Verdun experience, ask one of our kitchen designers for advice in store and change your decor in full confidence.


To each house its kitchen

Classic, modern, contemporary, or rustic, each kitchen defines its style, which also needs to match your living space. Which will you choose? Let us take on your project, we have all the necessary tradespeople available and at your disposal. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with our kitchen designers, creativity is their speciality. Make an appointment today!


As many choices as there are projects

Whether for cupboards, cabinets, or hardware, there exists an unimaginable variety of materials! You will find those that will give your future kitchen the style you are looking for right here. Let our kitchen designers guide your choices. Come see them in our showroom.

Clever ideas

A head full of possibilities

Are you unsure about a material ? Are you facing a lack of space ? Does your budget require certain compromises ? Our years of experience make us qualified advisers and specialists on custom-made projects. At Cuisines Verdun, there is always a solution.
Come see us in store to discuss your project.

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Cuisines Verdun works hand in hand with the best manufacturers and distributors in North America. At Cuisines Verdun, you will find reputable brands that are a testimony to the quality of our products.


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