Kitchen storage: more practical options than ever

According to several studies, the amount of time Montreal residents spent in their kitchens increased significantly during lockdown. This room has become the center of our activities, which is why optimizing it has taken on increased importance. During the past year, the most popular requests have included additional storage space, improved flow and increased versatility in cabinets and cupboards. As the saying goes, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Cuisines Verdun has been acutely aware of the needs of Montrealers during the pandemic. Our kitchen designers work side-by-side with clients to design highly practical layouts, proposing storage solutions that maximize all available space. Organizing drawers and cabinets is only part of the work undertaken by our team, which offers practical, well-designed furnishings that harmonize perfectly with the room, while sporting a style that corresponds to today’s tastes.

Cabinet storage: clean and functional

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The coffee bar

The current trend toward a more streamlined kitchen design goes hand in hand with the increasing popularity of an ever-growing number of storage options. It’s now possible to keep everything from small appliances to spices, oils and bulk ingredients out of sight. Even the coffee maker, regardless of its size, has its own choice spot in the coffee bar, where you can quickly make yourself a cup of coffee with cups and condiments all within easy reach. Afterwards, you can hide everything away behind Tambour or Propocket sliding doors, which are also perfect for concealing a breakfast nook or small bar. As a result, despite being a very practical option, the coffee bar won’t interfere at all with the impeccable, sleek aspect of the kitchen, which generally follows an open plan.

Drawer and cabinet handles

What better way to accentuate the sleek lines of today’s kitchens than to get rid of the handles? With the aid of handleless opening systems like Finger grip and Tip-on, you can enjoy the most minimalist kitchen possible, while preserving its functionality with easy access to everything you need. In fact, these systems, whether for drawers or cabinets, facilitate working in the kitchen thanks to their ease of use and the elimination of the need for daily cleaning. Opening systems have evolved in other ways, as well, notably with such hardware as the Aventos lift system, which permits cabinet doors to open upward, providing quick, easy access to all of the content. The electric Servo-Drive opening system enables you to close your cabinets automatically with a simple push of a button—an especially appealing option for high cabinets.

The pantry: from floor to ceiling

Optimizing space in the kitchen makes it more functional, even in the case of a very small kitchen. With a full-height pantry, you’ll maximize space while favoring a refined style by eliminating sliding drawers within drawers and facilitating accessibility. The large doors can conceal Labo-type sliding systems, which are perfect for accessing everything on each shelf.

Shelves: visible or invisible?

Hiding away certain functional elements of a kitchen can make way for displaying certain decorative elements. Shelves affixed to the backsplash are a perfect place for this. At the coffee bar or breakfast nook, you’ll find retractable hideaway shelves enabling you to grab common items such as cups, glasses and saucers quickly. Presented in the form of a modern design that blends in perfectly with today’s kitchen trends, visible shelves can even remain empty to create a play of volumes.

Large drawers and drawers within drawers

Advances in sliding mechanisms have made it possible to incorporate extra-large drawers in your kitchen, giving you a convenient place to store your large pots, pans and bowls. It’s now possible to find a place for everything, regardless of its size. The addition of large drawers is appropriate for a contemporary style in which design elements are pared down to their essentials, allowing for more play between the materials, lighting and depth.

To increase storage volume and ease of use, cabinets can also be equipped with wide, deep drawers in which a smaller drawer is situated inside a larger one. These Legrabox-style drawers can hold a good number of kitchen items, which will be easily and quickly accessible thanks to the ample width of the drawer.

Diviseur d'ustensiles

The utensil and cutlery dividers, Ambialine plate holders and spice racks are available in different formats and are just what you need to supplement your kitchen’s storage spaces. They can be adapted for all types of storage, regardless of the dimensions of your drawers.

Corner storage

Corner storage is the black sheep of the kitchen. This large, underappreciated space can quickly become a source of frustration if it’s poorly optimized or difficult to access. Luckily, there are now numerous storage solutions available to make the most of every nook and cranny of your kitchen, including that long-unpopular corner storage space.

MagicCorner, Leman and Lazy Suzan sliding systems provide easy access to everything stored in the corners of your cupboards, with the aid of shelves that rotate and swivel. These different systems will allow you to free up your countertops, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that each item in your kitchen has its own storage space.

To complete the storage in your kitchen

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Nothing can spoil the look of your new kitchen faster than your trashcan—that element that’s as indispensable as it is inelegant. However, Family Clean sliding bins will make it invisible and much more practical. Your garbage, compost and recycling will all be in the same place, simplifying the sorting process. Cleverly hidden away in your cabinets, these bins will help make your kitchen uniform.

To complete your kitchen, you can add a multitude of innovative storage options, including Tiltoutslim false drawers, in which a hinged basket optimizes space underneath the sink, and toe-kick drawers, in which you can hide your baking sheets or even a small stepladder underneath the cabinets. As you use them each day, you’re sure to appreciate the form and function of these systems.

It’s the little details like these storage elements that facilitate every moment you spend in the kitchen, whether to prepare a meal, make yourself a cup of coffee or simply spend some quality time with your friends and family. If your kitchen warrants a transformation into a haven of optimized storage, contact Cuisines Verdun and watch even your most specific requirements come to fruition in your new kitchen.