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See the most resistant kitchen countertop materials

Durable Low-Maintenance Countertops

The diversity of kitchen counter materials available in the market can often prove dizzying. However, if you’re primarily looking for a countertop that’s easy to maintain and resistant, the best choices are definitely quartz or Dekton.

Quartz countertops

A very popular material for a number of years now, quartz is made up of approximately 93 percent minerals and 7 percent resin. This composition offers remarkable durability, ideal for any type of kitchen. What’s more, quartz doesn’t require any particular maintenance beyond wiping down the surface with a simple household cleaning product. It exhibits relatively high resistance to stains. However, in the case of bright white countertops, it’s recommended to pay special attention to any substances that are particularly known to cause stains. Therefore, spills of red wine or foods that are sticky or sugary should be cleaned up immediately. On the other hand, because of its resin content, quartz has relatively low resistance to heat. For this reason, among others, Dekton remains one of the best choices in kitchen countertop materials on the market to date.

Dekton countertops

Relatively new in the kitchen counter market, Dekton is an ultra-compact surface that’s practically indestructible. Besides offering easy maintenance and extreme resistance to impacts, Dekton is unaffected by heat or extreme fluctuations in temperature. This property—along with near-zero porosity—makes it an ideal choice for outdoor kitchens and bathroom counters.

Although it’s slightly more expensive than quartz, Dekton is certainly worth considering. It’s currently the best option for households looking for a kitchen counter that will stand up to just about anything and that’s available in an increasingly vast range of colors and styles. To learn more about this revolutionary countertop material, come visit our showroom at Cuisines Verdun, where you can check out all of the various options.



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