Do you want a kitchen like those seen in stores?

Let us take on your project.

Open the door to a world of possibilities. Where even the most audacious dreams can come true! Whether you have a precise idea of what your future kitchen will look like, or you are still waiting for inspiration, Cuisines Verdun will offer a custom-made, turnkey solution to realize your project. Our experts take care of everything, from plans to final installation. Trust-us, your kitchen will be beyond what you have imagined. Unique to your tastes, habits, and lifestyle. Unique like you are.

From our first meeting to designing your kitchen

Understanding your project

Before coming to see us, take pictures of your kitchen as it is now. Bring examples of kitchens that you like cut out from magazines, and prepare a quick sketch of the kind of layout you have in mind.

Looking to modify or add a dining area, a kitchen island, or drawers? Want to enlarge your kitchen space? According to your budget, we’ll always find a way to achieve what you want. Our showrooms, with our newest models and inspiring layouts, will help you pinpoint your preferences. When you’re prepared to start, we’ll come over to take the exact measures. And then we’re ready to go!

Your kitchen,
as if you were already in it

It’s also the moment to choose the materials and make any necessary modifications, in order to finalize the blueprint of your dream kitchen.

A 3D virtual perspective

With everything in hand, the initial plans can begin… plans made to measure! Thanks to our specialized design software program that integrates the makes and models of all products by the foremost manufacturers and distributors in North America, you can have a peek at the look of your future kitchen.

It’s production time!

Tailored to your wishes

Once the dimensions are established, the materials and appliances are chosen and the plans and budget are approved, all conditions are in order to begin production on your new kitchen. Guided by our kitchen designers, the craftspeople devote themselves to the task within the time frame that’s been agreed upon. Precision, efficiency and quality control are at stake.

The renovations begin!

Preparation before the final installation

Guided by our kitchen designers, the craftspeople devote themselves to the task within the time frame that's been agreed upon.

We also coordinate a multitude of steps to make sure to get the various finishing materials and accessories. Rigor, efficiency and quality control are at stake.

The final installation

The excitement is at its peak, your kitchen takes shape…

Finally the moment you’ve been waiting for… Our installers arrive with all the elements and get to work. Little by little, your project comes to life before your eyes. At this final stage, you’ll be delighted to watch! Our team takes care of it all while you can relax.

And there we have it, mission accomplished

Your kitchen is here, a reality – loyal to the 3D plans, down to the last detail and ready to be a part of your everyday life.

Your dream has come true!

Through our expertise, you’ve made the best choices for your project. You are now in proud possession of a beautiful new kitchen designed and delivered to you by Cuisines Verdun. The heart of your home, where you can practice your culinary arts and spend time with your family. An area that’s as comfortable as it is functional with a friendly atmosphere, and you’ll see its aesthetic appeal stand the test of time in style. You love your new kitchen! We take pride in your satisfaction.


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