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Similaque kitchen cabinets – Cuisines Verdun

What’s the best material for your next kitchen cabinets? Between melamine, thermoplastic, solid wood and polyester, it’s hard to make an informed choice. But Cuisines Verdun offers an innovative material that will put an end to your doubts: Similaque.

Kitchen maintenance made simple with Similaque

Similaque comes in matte and glossy finishes and is resistant to every aspect of daily wear and tear, including scratches, abrasion, friction, light, heat and moisture. These kitchen cabinets can withstand just about anything! Besides durability, the main advantage of Similaque is its resistance to bacteria. In fact, with this finish, cleanup is a breeze. All it takes is a little soapy water, and every trace of fingerprints will disappear! Available in a variety of basic colors, as well as different finishes, Similaque is ideal for modern, minimalist and Zen-style kitchens. It perfectly complements the streamlined look of a kitchen with handleless drawers and cabinets.

Another advantage of opting for Similaque kitchen cabinets? Thanks to nanotechnology, any scratches that may appear over the years can be repaired with the simple use of an iron.

To learn more about this revolutionary material, come talk to one of the kitchen specialists at Cuisines Verdun and visit our showroom to see this product for yourself.


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