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The fully equipped kitchen

For you, no gourmet meal is complete unless it’s served in a setting worthy of your culinary talents. If your kitchen isn’t up to the same level as the scrumptious dishes you concoct with love, it is high time you do business with a kitchen designer and undertake some renovations so you can rediscover the joy of cooking in a beautiful, practical environment.

Your kitchen designer will not only create a kitchen that’s perfectly adapted to your lifestyle, but will also give preference to fine, high-quality, meticulously finished materials, while emphasizing clean, contemporary lines, to offer you the kind of upscale space you deserve.

The return of natural materials in new kitchens

Current kitchen trends favor natural materials like solid wood, an ecological product with a certain raw aspect, which can be used in the furnishings as well as the floor coverings. This return to a more authentic atmosphere also extends to the use of natural stone, including granite, marble and porcelain, to create premium-quality countertops. For a work surface that can stand up to just about anything (heat, scratches, stains, sun and impacts), Dekton by Cosentino, available in a wide range of colors and textures, is a winner all across the board.

The kitchen at the heart of your home

Your kitchen can be an extension of your main living space, where most of your family life takes place. As such, it should be as chic and spacious as the rest of the open area, while downplaying its practical nature through the use of optimized storage that’s virtually undetectable at first sight. Take advantage of an island, which can adjoin the dining table, toppling the barriers between the rooms. This popular layout increases the sense of fluidity between the spaces.

Shelving, a bookcase or a curio between the kitchen and the dining room or living room will help reinforce that fluidity. Full-height furnishings with roomy interiors help optimize storage, while a number of additions can make your next kitchen even more refined:

  • Pull-out cabinet
  • English drawers
  • Pull-out cutting board
  • Sliding doors concealing a breakfast nook with a second sink

Discretion is the order of the day. A fashionable kitchen provides a subdued atmosphere where door handles have vanished, the materials are mixed, the metal frames are dark colored and the LED lighting lends undeniable warmth to the décor.

Current trends in kitchen appliances

Enjoy the perfect kitchen by opting for Energy Star-certified appliances, concealed by custom cabinetry. A conventional oven, a steam oven, a dishwasher, a pantry and an espresso machine can all be built in and hidden away to lend a sense of space and tidiness to your kitchen. You can even incorporate a water-resistant television with a smudge-proof surface. Finally, a retractable hood, hidden behind the cooking area, equipped with a Teppanyaki plate, will free up your overhead space. Take advantage of smart appliances, like a programmable dishwasher, a refrigerator that lets you check its content through a phone app, a connected hood that starts automatically, and more.

The finishing touch for your fully equipped kitchen

Now that your new kitchen is in place, all that’s left to do is to add a few finishing touches to personalize it as much as possible so that it gives you maximum satisfaction. Add a little indoor garden to grow your own fresh herbs and, by the same token, fill the room with a wonderful aroma every day.


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