The art of mixing natural materials

The most recent trend is toward kitchens that transport you to a warm, peaceful atmosphere, particularly through the use of filtered lighting, provided by fixtures scattered at various points throughout the room. The prominence of dark hues promotes a sense of relaxation and well-being, while also adding a touch of understated elegance. Rather than overloading the décor, the mixture of fine natural materials, including wood, stone, glass and metal, contributes to a Zen feel.

Counters: the interplay of volume and superimposition

At once functional and distinguished, today’s kitchens look as if they came straight out of an art gallery, with diverse, overlapping materials used as a work surface. The contrast of volume and empty space provides a sense of depth and allows an interesting play of light, whether in the basin equipped with a solid section or in the juxtaposition of open storage and occupied space. There’s also a preference for slender counters. You’ll find sinks, jars of fine herbs and gas burners that are built right into the countertop.

Cupboards and bookshelves from the fifties

One of the most prominent trends in cabinets is the use of imitation stone in the doors. It’s also popular to include some open cabinets, exposing silverware or various decorative objects. To create a successful transition between the kitchen and dining room, fifties-style bookcases provide an uncluttered view of diverse objects, set off by LED lighting situated behind the shelves.

The hood: a fashionable accessory

Among today’s popular accessories and appliances, you’ll find imposing oven hoods that serve as a focal point of the kitchen, appliances of various colors equipped with touchscreens, practical storage systems with backlit drawers, and stations for digital devices.

The multipurpose island

In addition to its warmth and charm, the kitchen of tomorrow also offers a number of practical new features. The perennially fashionable multipurpose island is now equipped with movable panels to hide the sink and cooktop, providing additional workspace, as well as cabinets with openings on the side (very practical when cooking with a partner), retractable doors, and sliding lighting that can be adjusted to suit the ever-changing work surface.


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